Friday, September 28, 2012

NPE #11 - Inner Cereal Self and a quick stop in Turnup Town

September 28, 2012
I used the Wake-Back-To-Bed method I describe in under Methodology to induce these experiences. I had approximately seven false awakenings where I subsequently gained lucidity. Noticing a second or unfamiliar alarm clock (reality fluctuation) brought about the lucidity.

"Inner Self"
I became lucid on the back deck. A SUV pulled up my driveway. I quickly walked up to it to notice it had no driver, but the passenger walked out – without me being able to see his or her face. I discerned her to be a woman and I followed behind her as she walked down the driveway, and then back up my neighbors lawn. I wanted to speak with her so I quickly flew up to her and posed the question, “What do you represent?” [This is a common question I ask "dream characters"]

The reply was unexpected. In a feminine, almost English-accented voice, I heard “Your Inner Self.” I now appear to be speaking to a porcelain bowl, filled with some substance – I perceived it as Raisin Bran cereal. I was dumbfounded for a few moments, unsure what to ask. I quickly blurted out, “How do I conquer my fears?” No reply. I asked a few variants of this question, with no more replies. Within a few moments I started to eat the cereal! [Unsure what to make of this symbol]

"Trip to Vege-Planet"
  I  became lucid and quickly flew out my bathroom window. [This time I looked at an object, and then turned away, looked back to see if it changed – this brought lucidity to me on a few occasions.] I flew at tremendous speed through the air, through trees and houses, until I was in the upper atmosphere, peering at a a beautiful sun rising over a wall of clouds. The feeling and thrill of flying through the air is remarkable every single time. [I had been using verbal affirmations to help control my flying direction and velocity, i.e., "I will fly 10x faster"] 

I decided to spin in a circle, blurring the dream, as I repeated “When I stop spinning I want to be on another inhabited planet with friendly creatures.”  I went through the motions and the scene changed to a planet – It didn’t look to dissimilar to Earth. It had square building separated by larger patches of what appeared to be farms. There were these tall looking humanoids who appeared all grey in color, with these triangular mouths(?) protruding from their faces. They seemed to be working the land.

I flew by a set of smaller creatures who took a keener interest in me. They were much smaller and reminded me of vegetation – like talking turnips – although they varied in how they looked. They were very friendly and joked with me, one time making fun of how I looked but then quickly making sure I knew they were kidding. I tried to say one or two things, but my crew of a dozen or so vegetables were very talkative and I couldn’t get a word in! These creatures seemed to know I wasn't from around here, and they marveled at me.

[I noticed I seemed more playful in this OBE – at one point I slapped by butt a few times as I past one of the larger, farming creatures – I thought this was funny that they might think this was a common Earth greeting]

Friday, August 24, 2012

NPE #10 - Demon Dogs and the Muse

 August 24, 2012
"Demon Dogs and the Muse"

I felt myself spontaneously rolling around in darkness. Lucidity was triggered and I focused on my hands to bring about a dream scene, which quickly materialized as an imperfect copy of my room.
At first I was having trouble maintaining the integrity of the dream. I was alternating my focus between my hands and the dream environment in an attempt to focus myself and stabilize the experience. 

Eventually, I had much more control and walked down the stairs in my house. I continued to alternate my perception between my hands and the other aspects of the dream to prolong and stabilize the experience.
I found myself on the front lawn of my house where I was greeted by three threatening demon-dogs. They looked like a mix between a Rottweiler and a zombie - like something from Resident Evil.  They begin to encircle me and jump up at me, barking viciously. I noticed when I got a surge of fear, it would feed into them and make them more active in jumping. 

I began to repeat a personal mantra which acts for me as a tool of focused intent. I also held out my hand to direct the healing energy to the demon-dogs. An amazing transformation occurred:

Two of the dogs simply melted away to the floor. The third becomes tied down vertically on a telephone pole. It is hard to explain. Spikes were coming out of the telephone pole and it looked painful. I directed more intent to this situation and more transformation occurred – The dog became a beautiful muse of a woman who got off of the telephone pole. I perceived her as Natalie Portman and we walked down the block.

The transformation was not limited to the creatures. The very substrate of the dream itself took on new qualities. As I repeated the mantra, I saw ripples running through the dream environment, reminiscent of Neo taking off from the ground in the Matrix movies. A fire began to rage in the dream as several trees in the distance spontaneously set fire.  I looked at water in the street and simply marveling at its beauty. I splashed my hands in the water and thought to myself, “This is simply amazing.” I thought the memory of the experience will fail to do justice to its current splendor, in the moment I was presently experiencing it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

NPE #9 - Inner Fireworks

This experience took twenty minutes to record on my voice recorder and took up about three pages in my dream journal. Here I will only post a few of the more telling sections. This update is long overdue, and in the future I will try to keep up better at adding experiences. The last few months have been relatively quiet as far as NPEs go - only having maybe four over the past six months. Hopefully the next few months will be more fruitful!

August 5, 2012
"Inner Fireworks"

I’m with Dad on the front lawn. I felt like it may really be Dad having an OBE, because his intention seemed to have some bearing on the environment. I was attempting to get it to turn into day, but my intent, in the form of verbal commands, was not being for-filled. I told him that if we both intended it to be day, then it may change to daytime, and it did!

At another point I was marveling at the unearthly beauty of the stars in the night sky. They were much more vibrant than anytime I remembered on Earth. I saw clusters of four or five in a row with amazing clarity. I had turned to the West and saw this nebula of light and color, symbols and imagery. At this point the human language fails at expressing the experience – it was hyper-dimensional in nature. Imagine the visual above but with added dimensions. It reminded me of experiences people have recorded under the influence of DMT, where they experience this hyper-dimensional carnival or circus. At one point this large balloon-clown popped out of the scene. I just stood and marveled for a few minutes at the swirling imagery. 

This scene ignited a joyous emotion in me which was much more apparent than in waking reality – I saw how it was a previously missing yet integral component of the lucid dream. Simultaneous with the emotional burst came a brilliant display of fireworks surrounding this open-sided dojo type building. I got this sense of intuition that it would be nice to live in a building like that someday, and that an important part of life is creating something in physical reality which brings this sense of positive emotion. I thought how an architect would derive much joy from creating the strange, elegant building.

Next, I found myself on this cement dock, probably 75 feet in the air. I was with a bunch of friends and some of us were boarding this huge boat, almost like a mini cruise ship. As the boat began to pull away, Danielle and I got caught kind of in-between. I stood behind her so she wouldn’t fall in the gap to the water below. I was very calm because I knew I could just fly out or save someone if they had fallen.

At the very end of the dream, after the large ferry had set sail, I found myself at the dock area with this dream figure. He seemed to be a dockworker and his task was to flip over all of these large metal planks and containers. I said to the dream, “I wish for this man’s work to be done according to his desire.” Instantaneously, about half of the planks and containers had flipped to the correct side and all of these cinder-blocks were laid out on the floor. I asked the man why he didn’t desire his work to be completed and he replied, “If I do it all now then I will have to do another open house on the boat.” I thought this was humorous and I told him to “Ask for Andrew” if he needs anymore help. He mentioned to me that he has worked with a “Lex Cucolo,” insinuating it was someone I would know. It seemed the dream character had his own desires and volition, enough to spread out his work so he didn’t have to do more! Perhaps a representation of a part of myself, or maybe an own reality of his own.

Monday, March 5, 2012

NPE #8 - OBE to the Belief-Gym

July 27, 2011
“OBE to the Belief-Gym” 

I roll out of my body and feel myself traveling a vast distance in space. Instead of trying to control this experience I surrender to the higher aspects of myself to bring me wherever I need to be.
I find myself in this gymnasium where I see an array of people just hanging out, many of which I know. I see family and friends. Everyone looks just how I remember them now. 

I start to talk with everyone and notice that they are slightly different from how I remember them. They tell me this place I am at is in my future. Some people are playing cards on the floor. Others are just hanging out. I joke with my cousin about all of the candy and sweets everywhere. I told Kyle, “This is like a McDermott party with all these sweets.”

At one point I’m talking with my friend Ralph and a few other people. I tell them that I am Andrew visiting from 2011 through what I call lucid dreaming and astral projection. They all cheer and laugh - Seem to attract a lot of attention when I say this. They are very amused and excited by this idea. I felt like I was channeling into the body I was using. My voice actually changed tone when I said this, reminiscent of my favorite ET channel Basher.  

I was walking around this gymnasium talking to everyone. Some people I knew, others I didn’t. I tried to get some sports betting information out of these people by asking who won the Superbowl in 2012. My friend Ralph said the NY Giants and a few other people gave me different answers! Some other people told me it didn’t matter. Eventually Ralph told me it didn’t matter because it was a different type of game or something, and I wasn’t going to get out of it what I wanted. 

I was talking with this one girl who was telling me stuff I didn’t know about myself. She told me I had a daughter, even though in waking reality I am 23, single and with no intention of having a child in the foreseeable future. I had to stop her because I didn’t want to know anything else about myself!
As I was leaving I was saying goodbye to everyone. They told me I should come back and visit them. I told them I haven’t exactly mastered how to revisit places but I will try. I knew I didn’t have much time left in this area. I jokingly slapped this old man’s ass as I was leaving and then we jokingly sparred a bit before we hugged.

I remember seeing this beautiful girl who had a solemn look on her face. For some reason I connected her as with my wife or daughter. I think she was wearing a police officer uniform or something of the sort. I never approached her or said anything to her, but just felt sadness for some reason.
I saw my grandma walking around just before I awakened. 

Some thoughts: This was a strange experience. Revisiting this experience nearly 8 months later, it was interesting to see that the NY Giants DID win the Superbowl in 2012. This wasn't the first time I got accurate predictions from these experiences - one time I got the score of a NY Ranger's game and the time of a penalty within a few seconds of when it occurred.

I'm not sure what to make of this experience. The packed out gym seemed to be a place of congregation reminiscent of an emergency zone after a natural disaster or something like that. Perhaps this was a place I stored the memories of all the people I have came across in this life, or perhaps I really did project into the future where I live in the non-physical with almost everyone I know from this physical life.

The lady I felt some connection to in another perplexing idea. If I end up marrying or having a daughter who is a police officer some day, this experience will be verified even more for it's authenticity and our ability to get information from the future through conscious, non-physical experiences.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

NPE #7 - Bout With The Vampire

December 14, 2009 

The dream started out at my house at home. I walked outside to notice I could hardly see very far in front of me - It was a dark night environment. I walked into the street because I felt I had to get somewhere. All of a sudden I noticed I was surrounded by these creatures in the street. They were these strange demonic creatures reminiscent of something out of a video game.

I had to be careful where I was walking, for these creatures would jump a straight line at me and I could avoid them if I was keen with my dodging. As I made my way through the dark street, I was soon surrounded by what I intuitively knew were Vampires.
They did not look like the classic cape and fang vampires. What seemed to be the "boss" Vampire approached me. He was very weird looking, he had a fake pair of eyes which covered his true face - he took his hands and molded his face like play dough, which eventually showed his true eyes. He claimed he hadn't "fed in a year", and I would rejuvenate his body. The Vampires made it known that it was the "metallics" in peoples blood which sustained them.

Next the dream cuts to a false awakening. I'm laying in my bed, and I get this distinct telepathic message from my cousin (who at this point I felt was with me at the Vampires) that we need to reenter the dream and do justice, and we need to "Find the fire within." All of a sudden, in a fright, I realize one of the vampires is in my room with me!

We began to struggle and fight on my floor. This part of the dream was so vivid, nearly lucid, that I would later wake up in a sweat and chills. I remember distinctly the texture of his hair, and thinking "this is really happening." The vampire looked almost like the Joker from the newest Batman movie, but had a red face with I think black stripes. I remember the feel of his stringy hair. Eventually I began to overpower the creature, and started to repeatedly punch him in the face. Soon enough it clicked in my head that I must be dreaming! Now lucid, I began to repeat my Mantra and almost instantaneously the creature melted away to the floor. The mantra seemed to have some power in dispelling the creature. Feeling relieved, the dream now began to fade into black... 

I find myself laying in my bed in the trance state - mind awake body asleep. My astral (subtle?) body begins to turn over to face the ceiling (I was laying on my stomach). I begin to picture myself floating out of my body, and I begin to move towards the ceiling. I remember seeing the shadow of my floating body move along the floor. I felt no projection related symptoms. At this point I am completely lucid, in what I believe is a successful projection. I floated down through my floor/wall and then outside to notice my town is slightly different. I see my girlfriend (at the time) walking up the street towards me, and I simply fly past and say Hi and move further towards
Main street towards her house. My plan was to see her in her bed, and then force myself awake with hopes of remembering the projection (It helps to impress the memories of non-physical experiences into ones mind right before waking up).

I began to flap my arms with the intent to increase my flying speed. At one point I passed what seemed to be the Chedderchimos house. I made my way around town and had the idea to fly high into the sky for quicker travel and a better view. As I got to the rooftop area of a building, I got this mild fear of heights, and I lost my ability to fly. I grabbed onto a roof ledge, and thought "This is going to hurt" as I let go. I landed on this table and crush it with my feet. A girl was walking around next to the table and I scared the crap out of her when I landed. She reacted just as someone would have in waking reality. My vision began to fade into black as I awakened...


When I woke up and regained my bearing, I tried to assimilate what I had experienced. These events felt both simultaneously in the distant past and just to have happened. 

I wonder if the hell dimension was objective in any way, or just a metaphor for a state of my mind. Could actual astral vampires exists which feed on the "metallic in the blood" of the living? I hope I don't encounter such beings again, although it is comforting to know I have the means to deal with such creatures. 

If I did project into the real time zone, why did I see my girlfriend among other people? Did I see the astral counterpart to the town I was living in? Did my subconscious elements go into the experience? As I was coming out of my body, why did I experience what seemed to by my projected body's shadow? These experiences always leave me with more questions than answers. I learned early on that not all non-physical experiences are rainbows and butterflies, and we are at times forced to confront some scary stuff.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

NPE #6 - Fighting in Cartoon World

October 13, 2011
“OBE to Cartoon World”
I find myself in bed separating from my body. My legs are already out but my upper body is being more difficult. This is a strange exit where I literally feel myself being sucked through and out my legs. I let out an audible gasp of pain as the sensation is not pleasant. I feel myself float and lightly hit the floor. I am in this pleasant blackness. I feels like an endless void - very peaceful. I decide to "let go" and allow the experience to direct itself. Soon I begin to feel an intense rush of motion that lasts for nearly a minute or so. It feels like every atom in my body is undergoing a gradual frequency change, or change in vibrational frequency. I feel like I am traveling a vast distance of space at incredible speeds.

Next visual phenomena enters my field of view. All of a sudden I am staring at a gigantic honey comb of little scenes. I get the intuitive feeling each one of the little circles in the comb structure is a world, a unique reality. I seem to enter one of these worlds. At first all of the people are cartoons as I transition into this world, but then they morph into people as I know them. I felt as if my schema of reality was being superimposed over the objective reality.

I find myself at a ball park of some sort – some type of sporting event. It reminds me of baseball but it is not baseball. I notice all of the inhabitants are spitting something out of their mouth – they remind me of drunken sports fans chewing tobacco.

At one point I begin to brawl with the inhabitants. I am able to move faster than they are. I literally feel like Neo in the matrix. I fight individually maybe ten of them. It is a lot of fun – almost thrilling. I am able to jump several feet in the air, and perform any type of fighting maneuver I can imagine.
Eventually the fighting subsides. It is not like fighting on our planet. It felt natural, socially acceptable and even fun. I think it is a game to these people. I don’t think anyone was getting hurt. At the time, in my mind, this seemed like the thing to do.

Lastly I am in this room with a girl who I know is “my sister.” I ask her to tell me the date. She seems confused. I probe her further asking if it is October and she says, “What are you talking about October?” The idea of a date and time seems to be lost to these people. 

Some thoughts: This was quite an interesting experience for me. I wonder if I can return to the "honeycomb" structure and use it as a gateway to countless other worlds. "Letting go" has been my method of choice in my more recent experiences. It seems there is an aspect of yourself that can show us experiences that are so alien to the conscious mind, so far from the conscious paradigm. While I was at the honeycomb I felt a surge of fear which then directed me to the fighting world... perhaps the fear tuned my vibrational frequency into that of the fighting world, and I then gravitated towards that reality.